Habitat for Humanity – 2013

Pam, the homeowner, with Brantlee Green, Public Service Chair

Brian, the Habitat Project Manager. The MOST patient man anywhere!

We have our work cut out!

Jim, enough about the one that got away – get that hammer!!

Deb holds up the scaffolding.

Fern keeps the supply line moving.

Hello, Laurie!

Lots and lots and lots and LOTS of hammering!

Just gotta be different…

Starting to look more like a home!

Habitat for Humanity – 2012 -CAHU Participation

Late afternoon “shift” at 2309 Pesca Lane.  Pictured from left to right are Adam Rhodes, Suzy Johnson, Nat Smith, Kyle Whitler & Susan Whitler.  Unfortunately the picture does not capture all of our volunteers that put forth a tremendous effort earlier in the day.  CAHU volunteers that did work on the Habitat house on Saturday, Dec 3rd were: Nat Smith, Justin Smith, Bob Frazer, April Frazer, Kelsey McElveen, Stacy Kasberg, Ryan Vail, Wes Grigston, Susan Whitler, Kyle Whitler & Adam Rhodes