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Although the CAHU sponsored CE’s are free to members, we do allow non-members to attend for $25 per session. If the non-member joins the day of the CE session, we will give them credit for the $25 paid. Please keep this in mind when inviting guests to the meetings.

Registration and RSVP information for the CE’s will be including in the meeting announcement.
Attendees will be able to RSVP for both the luncheon meeting and the CE in the same email.

NCDOI is changing the requirement for earning Continuing Education credits. Please see the attached PDF from the NCDOI. 24 credits will now be required to be earned in a 2 year period. The NCDOI is phasing in this requirement over the next four years. The number of credit hours you must earn each of these transition years is outlined in the attached PDF and is based on the month and year of your birth. For more information, please log on to under agent services.

For interest in professional designations:




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